My brother is visiting and in anticipation of his arrival, I tried to reach him by phone to see when he was coming. But, every time I called, I got the message, "MAILBOX IS FULL!" Of course that was frustrating, but since he was trying to reach me as well, we connected and got everything squared away. 

However, when I told him his phone mailbox was full, he didn't know exactly how to fix that. By a series of phone calls to his son, and using our limited knowledge of technology, (like checking the settings, converting out of airplane mode, and turning on cellular data) we eventually figured it out. 

The business lesson here is that "You Gotta Be Home."  Being home helps people view you as professional and makes them feel safe to do business with you.  So if you are wondering why no one is calling and leaving messages, then something is probably askew. Check your phone every now and then, make sure messages are coming through, what are your customers hearing when they call?  Having technology is a gift and a curse, but it is here to stay and for the older crowd that may not be as knowledgeable,  you have to get current or find someone who can help you.

xo, jan

ps: Please note that my brother is not the only one struggling with keeping up with all this technology. I am guilty as well and bring you this business lesson as a lesson and reminder to myself and all the people I know who suffer these challenges.  

Jan McCarthyComment