Jan's Farmhouse Crackers

My name is Jan, so of course when I saw these crackers I had to buy them! And, they are every bit as delicious as they sound. Cranberry and Pistachio, yes, please!  Spread a little lavender lemon jam and you are in heaven!! 

However, I'm not really trying to whet your appetite and have you drooling for more,  I'm asking the question about should you or should you not, use your name on your products or for your business?  If you search the internet, you will probably find as many points of view on the subject as there are crackers in the box. There are advantages and disadvantages either way. The question you might want to ask yourself is what do you want your brand to reflect, and what are you thoughts on the future of your company. Do your research when naming your company. Decide what feels right for you. then make an informed decision on how to proceed. 

xo, jan


Jan McCarthyComment