You've heard the expression, "When the cat's away, the mouse will play." Well, the mice are having a field day in my neighborhood! As an entrepreneur, I'm observant at businesses that go that extra mile and do extraordinary things to gain and preserve customer loyalty. By the same token, I pay attention to businesses that misstep every now and then, Therefore, given my keen observational skills, (LOL), I noticed that one of the businesses I frequent was not up to its usual quality of service, products or cleanliness.  A little detective work revealed the manager was off the grid while out of town.   

There wasn't anything major that called for disclosure to the manager, but on the other hand, subpar anything in an establishment is disconcerting and customers may be turned off or lose interest in frequenting the business. To ensure this doesn't happen to your business, I recommend you clearly state your policies, procedures and expectations whether you are there or not. Try to hire employees that are conscientious, self-starters and personable. Have systems in place that help your employees do their job easily and well. Help foster a culture that makes your employees want to do a good job and be proud to provide quality work and good customer service. And then cross your fingers and enjoy the time away from your business to relax, get other work done, or be inspired.

xo, jan



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