In today's busy lifestyle, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed to the max. It's also easy to get caught up in negative energy that zaps your creative spirit or leaves you fighting for survival. While there are numerous ways to relax and calm the mind, I've recently begun hearing about ways to clear the energy field so that you can start with a clean slate and stay grounded as you take on the day or settle down for the night.  

While these practices may seem a little woo woo, and there is no guarantee of success, it doesn't hurt to try them and it might just do a body good. 

1. SALT: Throw some in the bath, jump in the ocean for a swim, or visit the salt room in a korean spa. Salt is a great healer.

2. MUSIC: Specifically, Michael Jackson. If you are feeling anxious or the room is electrically charged with emotions running high, try a little music and see what happens. I've heard Michael takes everything back to neutral.

3. GROUND: Ground yourself by connecting to the earth and nature. Walk barefoot in the grass, lean up against a tree, get on or in the water, lie on your back on the ground and look at the sky, bury your feet in the sand. This is a great practice when you feel drained, depleted, upset, sad or mad at the world. 

4. SAGE: Sage yourself or your space by burning it or creating a sage bowl potpourri. This will not only smell good but leave your space clear of negative ions. 

5. AROMATHERAPY: Use essential oils such as lavender to create calm, orange to invigorate, peppermint to soothe. All kinds of smells can create a pleasant environment. My personal favorite is lemon. 

6. TEA: A cup of hot tea, sipped quietly and mindfully will help to set the world right. Have you tried Dandelion tea by Republic of Tea? Delicious and soothing!

7. MEDITATION/YOGA/JOURNALING: These practices may not necessarily clear your energy field, but they are helpful in relieving stress, calming your mind and helping you to be clear about your day.

8. Recently my Mastermind Group spent the evening coloring. It was amazing watching us all come in, rushed, overwhelmed, and stressed and then leaving in a calm, euphoric state of mind. 

beautifully done as is this one

beautifully done as is this one


Find what works for you. While my husband would probably never engage in any of these practices, (well maybe Michael because he likes Michael) he connects with nature on the golf course. Depending on how is game is going, he may feel better or worse after a game. But the mere act of doing something in nature that helps to relieve the stress of the day is always beneficial. 

xo, jan

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