For those too young to know, Sally Fields won the oscar for her role in "Places In The Heart" and is famously known for saying in her acceptance speech, "You like me, right now, you like me!"

When it comes to FB, we click on the like button as easily as we blink. The other social media outlets have something just as similar, be it a heart on instagram or phhhoto to show our pleasure at something that has been posted. And I am as guilty as the rest.

It's easy to like or heart someone, but far more meaningful to comment, to engage, to respond  why you liked their post, what it means to you, how it might affect or effect you, how much you appreciate them taking the time to share something important. 

I write this because a few of you have so kindly taken the time to write me and let me know how much you enjoy reading my blogs or seeing my posts. It made me start thinking. It made me think of you and remember you. So thank you. You have inspired me to be more present in my social media responses, and maybe get the opportunity to actually develop a relationship with those I'm following or communicating with.  And maybe the next time you scroll through and click like 50 times between sips of your coffee, take a moment to be memorable and possibly engaging. It might be the start of a beautiful something. 

xo, jan




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