Hiring great talent that is qualified and fits in with the company vibe is a challenge for any employer, but finding someone who is dedicated and is in it for the long haul may be even more difficult. So how do you get, and more importantly, keep talent? 

Perks my dear friend, perks! Companies like Apple, Google, Zappos, and now Netflix have been incredibly successful with retaining their employees based on the the perks they are offering. Of course, these are huge companies and they have deep pockets when it comes to offering benefits and amenities to the people that work for them.

For smaller companies, take a tip from my friend who has a small but growing company herself. She has two employees who are in their 20's. Some of the things that are important to them, she can offer. Things like breaks that end up outside in the yard. A cool office space that has natural light coming in. And a washing machine and dryer. I mean, what more could you want as a young employee? These perks mean a lot!

The bottom line is employees want to be appreciated and to feel like you care. Providing perks help them stay commented to you and your company.

xo, jan  

Jan McCarthyComment