Some things we just know or have been warned about, Things like protecting yourself in business when it comes to selecting a partner, checking your inventory or getting things in writing. All great advice. But what about the more silent hidden dangers?

I live in a downtown area that is growing rapidly, but the security, protection and pedestrian traffic hasn't necessarily caught up with the expansion. Amongst the downtown merchants, I've had the pleasure to meet some really great female entrepreneurs. One thing I noticed is that they are all experiencing unsolicited traffic in and around their brick and mortar stores. This can be quite scary! 




Of course, they can't just close up their stores, so this calls for some unique problem solving skills. They need thoughtful analysis of how to attract good customers (a busy store helps show that you are less vulnerable) and ways to protect themselves with out preventing the flow of traffic into their stores, While having a phone nearby to call security should the need arise is a good pointer, there are other effective things that might help to deter the uninvited and unwanted guests. As strange as it sounds, if you have a dog and your building permits animals to be on the premises, that kind of support might help keep undesirables out. Check out body language too. If someone seems incredibly anxious, take note and stay out of harm's way. 

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment