When I studied marketing in college, social media was not a term or concept any of the students in my class could conceive ever using in their business strategy. CUT 2, my how things have changed! Today, it is a brand new ballgame!

Unless you live under a rock in some 3rd world country, you know that social media is a necessary (perhaps evil) tool to grow your business. It can be challenging at best staying knowledgeable of all the latest technological innovations and then actually using them on a consistent, authentic basis. But as much as I struggle to "keep up with the Kardashians" brilliant use of this amazing entrepreneurial tool, I was reminded by my husband just how lucky we are that we have this capability.

This past weekend, my husband's company accidentally made a mistake, and sent out an email blast with the wrong pricing information. In discussing this mistake and ways to quickly and efficiently correct this error, my husband laughed and mentioned it could be way worse! He shared the story of the time the yellow pages printed a full page ad for his company with his competitor's phone number!!1 He had to live with this mistake for a year! Fortunately, his company didn't suffer too badly and he continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace than he had anticipated. Today, with a flick of the wrist, we can correct many mistakes like these within minutes. The edit and delete button can be our friends and while we may be spending extra time on any one of these social media tools, we gain time from not having to complete tedious and time consuming antiquated activities or live with costly mistakes simply because there isn't a way to make timely changes.

xo, jan
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