My last post was DEC 14, 2015 in the morning and later that afternoon, tragedy struck. Tragedies happen when you least expect them and there is really no way to prepare for them. Some of my readers know what happened, but for those of you that don’t, I was brutally assaulted when a random guy, simply passing me on the sidewalk in broad daylight, punched me hard in the face, breaking my nose and two bones holding up my left eye socket. He casually walked off, leaving me bruised, battered and in shock. But he didn’t break my spirit. Friends, family and even strangers have proven love and friendship is stronger than his punch.

This whole ordeal has been rather traumatic, but I am healing, physically and emotionally. I know this could have been much worse and I have much to be grateful for. I am excited about the opportunities 2016 will bring and finally ready to resume blogging. Look for a new blog every week, sharing my lessons about business through everyday life.

xo, jan


For those that know me, I always try to find the business lessons from everyday life. These are the ones I learned from this experience. 

·      Comfortable is nice, but when you are too comfortable, you let your guard down.

·      You never know who your enemy is. Stay cautious, but positive.

·      You can let something horrible define you. Don’t.

·      Memory fades so pay attention to the details. Keep notes.

·      Document, document, document.

·      It helps to get away for a fresh perspective and cancel the noise.

·      Take the time to help someone out. You never know when you are going to need it too.

·      Never underestimate the importance of building relationships.

·      Friends and family are there to support you. Let them.

·      You have more strength and courage than you think.

·      You can get through anything.

·      Ask for help, accept help. You don’t have to always be strong.

·      Listen to your body and your needs.

·      Take time.

·      Trust your intuition. When you know something is not right, listen.

·      Insist upon others doing their job.

·      Sometimes something is bigger than you and there may be an underlying message you need to carry forth. Accept the torch. 


xo, jan

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