photo credit by Eric Rippin Photography

photo credit by Eric Rippin Photography

Hi, hi, hi!!  I'm so excited!  After a hiatus of almost 18 (?) months, the Entrepreneurial Voice Radio Show Podcast is back, and it’s got a brand new format!!!

The new show name has changed just slightly, it is now called Entrepreneurial Voice” but I will continue to share the voice of today’s most innovative and creative entrepreneurs with conversations that cover their lifestyles and journeys, resources and advice, as well as challenges and triumphs!  

The first episode is already live!!! And it is titled Angelo & Ed of angelo:HOME and Baxter Manor. You’ll get to hear the insider secrets on how Angelo went from a struggling actor and coffee barista to creating a mega empire of everything design.

I really want to get the podcast to the top of the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” charts, but in order to make this happen I’ll need your help!  iTunes rankings are based on subscriptions, ratings, and reviews, so the more listeners that subscribe and leave a 5 star rating with a positive review, the more likely the podcast will rank higher!

I’d be so appreciative if you could TUNE IN, click Radio Show in the navigation bar, then subscribe on iTunes, listen, enjoy, leave an honest review of the new podcast and a 5 star rating if you are inclined. This helps spread the word about the podcast so others can find it.  Btw, you can also share on FB when you click view in iTunes and select "get" under price. 

If you are on an iPhone or iPad, click this link to open the podcast on your device. You’ll need to click “Subscribe” then the “Reviews” tab to leave a review. If you are not on an iPhone, or you use a different podcasting app, search for Entrepreneurial Voice in the app, subscribe, and leave a review there.

Thanks so much for listening!  You are the best and I appreciate you helping to share the voices of these amazing entrepreneurs! Together we will ignite a creative spirit and inspire the entrepreneurial voice!


xoxo, jan


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