As many of you know, I just relaunched Entrepreneurial Voice with Jan McCarthy, my Radio Show airing on iTunes & Stitcher as a Podcast! It's been a wild ride and an awesome experience! I could do an entire post on everything I've learned, but one lesson that really stands out is that we seldom do anything alone. Many people have helped to bring this podcast alive, from my daughter Keeley McCarthy and web designer Milena Mallory who encouraged me to continue podcasting, to my new producer Traci DeForge of Produce Your Podcast who has taken something that is really hard for me (all the technical aspects and nuances of figuring out podcasting), and making it easier -(in fact, making it possible) for me to continue doing a podcast. 

This week on the Radio Show Podcast "Entrepreneurial Voice", Kerstin Kuhn of The Little Foodie Club shares what keeps her going in a business that has tested her patience, her bank account and even her passion. She also shares the secret of getting your kid to eat broccoli, spinach and corn! You will not want to miss this episode!! OH, and would you help a girl out and write a review and leave a rating. It would mean so much and help other people find my podcast. Thanks sooooo much! 

xo, jan

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