I imagine he must have been one of those kids constantly challenging his parents. When they said he couldn't do something, he said "watch me!" It appears he said that to a lot of people.

The kid I'm talking about is Marcus Stroman and although I'm not a big baseball fan, I am a fan of someone with guts, determination, and belief in themselves to do what many perhaps consider the impossible.  Marcus Stroman, at 24 is primed to become one of the baseball greats but his journey hasn't been easy. He is only 5'8", and for his entire life he was told he was too short to reach major league baseball, and too small to handle the rigors of pitching nine innings. Other critics insinuated his intelligence would rob him of the drive and hunger to prevail. He didn't pay attention. He had a plan and stayed focused on his goal.  It has payed off and today he is one of the best things to possibly ever happen to the Blue Jays baseball franchise.

Marcus didn't stop at baseball though. He set his sights on a bigger picture and took the term "wears many hats" to a whole other level. He wants to do it all and has. He can best be described as a major league baseball great, a businessman, a rapper, a designer, and a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the country, depending which circle you are traveling in.  He didn't let other people's opinion of him define him. His motto "Height Doesn't Measure Heart has proven that with passion, heart and determination, you can overcome the odds and do what you want to do. 

I may not be a baseball fan, but I am a fan of this young man who will inspire and encourage generations to come. 

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment