We are all trying to do something. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes not. 

But failure is a given at least some time in your life. For the people described below, awfully glad they didn't give up the first time, and sometimes the second, third or fourth time,  and neither should you.  Now go out there and try again! You can do it!

Sigmund Freud was booed off stage the first time he presented his theories to a group of scientists in Europe. He went on to win the Goethe Award for his work in psychology.

Henry Ford failed at farming, being an apprentice, and as a machinist — going bankrupt five times. He went on to modernize mass production.

Leo Tolstoy flunked out of law school and was labeled “unable to learn” by his professors. He went on to become one of the world’s greatest novelists.

John Creasey failed as a salesman, a desk clerk, a factory worker, and an aspiring writer — getting 754 rejection notices by publishers. He went on to write more than 600 novels and is considered one of the greatest mystery writers ever.

Hank Aaron failed his tryout with the Brooklyn Dodgers and went 0-5 his first game in Major League Baseball. He went on to hit more home runs than anyone ever in baseball.

xo, jan

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