We are busy folks. At least we hope we are. And while I'm sure there will be or has been a blog from me about being busy and asking yourself if you are really busy doing important stuff or really busy on the wrong things, there is also genuine busy, and that is what I'm focusing on today.

Sometimes we are genuinely busy but get caught up in our own rhetoric. We might start to feel like all this busy is a burden. Not complaining but looking at it from the wrong side of the coin. Worrying about how we are going to get all the things done that need to get done, sacrificing a personal life, staying one step behind and getting caught up in all that busyness. And this is the time that I'm going to act like my mother (when she would chastise me after I got an attitude about that yucky food on my plate, because there are kids starving in China.) I'm going to remind you to be grateful. Be grateful for the work, be grateful for the busyness. Because the alternative to busy is not.

So take a deep breath and a moment to reflect when you were scrambling, hoping to be so busy you couldn't fill all those orders, hoping to be so busy you didn't have time to take a vacation.  And now you are busy, and you sorta hope it will last. 

xo, jan


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