It's been a while. And during that time, I've been mourning the loss of someone very special, celebrating the union of two very dear friends, and vacationing in a new and beautiful place.

This is what I'm knowing to be true and important.

Make time for those you love and love them fiercely and unconditionally.. Take care of yourself. Really. Your health and well being are more important than anything. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

My friends got married in the most magical setting and had the most beautiful wedding that I've ever witnessed. I don't think even my wildest dreams could have conjured up the 12 hour wedding day/night/morning I was fortunate enough to attend. Not only did I get to witness a pure love between the two of them, I also witnessed how they made every guest feel special and loved. They didn't deliver a wedding, they delivered an experience. 

Vacation. I had the best and the worst of two places. The worst came first. I went to Tulum and although I loved the town, loved the meals I had there, and loved the beautiful white sandy beaches with water so turquoise you couldn't believe it was real, my hotel was bad, bad, bad. I overpaid and they definitely under delivered. However, my hotel in Merida, @thediplomathotel, oh let me count the ways they exceeded my expectations ten fold. Mostly, they didn't deliver a product (or service), they delivered an experience. They made me feel like I was staying with friends. They did any and everything to ensure my stay was amazing. And they prepared the best breakfasts I've ever had anywhere. Now that's what doing business is all about. 

Take care. Be good to yourself. 

xo, jan

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