Vulnerability is a big buzzword in business, and one I support when it comes to keeping it real with your clients/customers. We want to know the people we do business with are sorta like us, that they appreciate our business, that they get scared sometimes, that they worked hard to get where they are, and that they deserve our business.

However, there is another type of vulnerability that we all need to be careful about and do whatever we can to protect ourselves. When it comes to our data such as financial information, customer profiles and credit cards that may be on file, computers or phones that hold our life story and everything else on them, we need to be extra careful that we are not vulnerable to thieves, hackers or attackers who could steal our identity or literally steal our devices and wreck havoc with our business or our life. 

I recently backed up my computer and insured my information was stored on a hard drive, in the cloud, or somewhere else so I could retrieve it if necessary and it was protected. i'm ashamed to say I had not backed up my information in 486 days! Yikes! I can't even imagine losing all of my information!!

It would be nice to say I finally got smart, but it was really because a friend's data had been compromised and lost that scared me so I finally took action. Don't be that person wishing you had done something. Take literally 20 minutes and do it. If you don't know how, hire someone or ask a  friend. So be vulnerable in all the ways it is good to be vulnerable, but protect yourself so that you are never compromised with your safety or your data!

xo, jan


Jan McCarthyComment