So there are carrots, the kind our mother's made us eat at suppertime under the guilt of there were kids starving in China or the " it doesn't mean anything to me now" adage, carrots will help your eyesight. (10 year olds don't care!) And then there are fresh carrots pulled from the ground, good, and a variety of carrots in deep purples, orange, yellow, again good. But then, there are carrots!!!!! Carrots so good you think you are having dessert. 

I recently attended a cocktail party, and one of the items on the hors d' oeuvres menu was carrots. From the photo, you can see these aren't just any carrots. They were carrots roasted with sea salt and olive oil (maybe a few other special ingredients with freshly made pistachio pesto and they were off the chart delicious and incredibly beautiful too. So as I sat sipping my wine and feasting on carrots, I was thinking about business (duh) and it occurred to me that if everyone treated their business like the chef treated these carrots, you could build your fan base and loyal following, (not to mention increase your sales.)

So the next time you create a website, design a store display, curate or create your products, or deliver a service, think carrots. But not just any carrot. Make your carrots special, always.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment