I live in a building that is really kind of cool, very historical, (art deco as a matter of fact) with an awesome clock tower and although none of this information is especially essential to this blog, it bears mentioning because the building attracts a lot of creative types and people that enjoy socializing and being involved with their community. And being the bon vivant that I am, I became the Social Director for the building.

So, being the Social Director, I plan social events for the building. Duh. We have book club, occasional outings like the Kentucky Derby party at the local race track, holiday loft tour for the residents, and wine club to name a few.  Some events are more successful than others, and sometimes we have huge participation and sometimes, especially without the proper promotion, we have duds. Meaning hardly anyone shows up. 

Our last event was the wine club (whereby a different resident hosts the wine club in his/her loft), and on this particular club date, a resident that I have been encouraging to host, finally decided he would. Only problem was, he decided a week prior to do so. Not much notice! I was skeptical about getting many of the residents to come at such a late date, especially considering that many were attending a local event, but he was cool about hosting anyway so we went forward with the event. 

Now the host is gregarious and sociable, and of course didn't want to throw a little shindig and have the room empty.  So he got creative and hustled. He created little flyers, and went door to door, inviting residents to come. And even though the wine club is posted in the elevators and on a private social group, people tend to get blind to what is going on. Hustling and making the personal connection and outreach brought out residents who have never attended wine club, as well as the regulars who always try to come. Residents even canceled other plans to come to wine club.. The room was full and over-flowing and everyone had a great time. 

So it pays to hustle. It pays to connect, face to face. 

xo, jan

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