As I sit here writing my blog while the TV plays in the background, I realize I can't concentrate. I'm watching the news and it is horrific! Fires are raging over a section of homes in southern CA, threatning over 1500 homes and 2000 acres of land. My random business lessons seem so overrated in the face of true tragedy. 

I realize in a matter of minutes, many of these people have lost their homes, their identity, their life as they know it and quite possibly their hope. I can't even imagine the anguish and despair they must feel, yet at the same time so grateful that they have the things that really truly matter, their lives and those of their children, and hopefully their pets. And in another part of the country, torrential rains are flooding parts of Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas and once again, I see stories of devastation and loss. I also see, in both of these situations, lack of preparation. And it makes me think of what I can do to be prepared and how I would get over sometihing so devastating and rebuild a future.

In addition, and not on the news today, but a friend of some of my dear friends lost his business to a fire just a couple of weeks ago. It was a transformer that fell and set fire to five buildings. This man was an artist and sculptor and he lost all his life work. 

So mostly, I'm sitting here, thoughtful and sad for these families and individuals who will face some ultimate challenges coming up here in the future, and sitting here so grateful for all that I have today. There are no promises, but this is a reminder to do the best we can, prepare for the unexpected, and have compassion and love for those who are shouldering such unfortuante burdens. 

xo, jan

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