I drank coffee with a friend the other day and as is often the case, once we get past "what have you been doing?", the conversation turns to business, art and life, well, because, what else is there? Duh.

This business conversation was about our inability to sell ourselves, as in owning what we do, declaring our worth, celebrating our talents and recognizing our strengths. We talked about the fact that if it is someone else, we can promote, sell them, and spread the word about how great they are. But when it comes to ourselves, we turn shy and fearful.

How to get over this is a conversation that comes up over and over again with the women I work with. When did we lose our mojo? How is that we don't have faith in ourselves and are afraid to put ourselves out there? Do we worry too much that we will let others down? What if they don't really like our product, service or worse, us? What if yikes, we are a fraud? 

The best way I know to overcome this malady, is to get back to the root of what you do and why you do it. Ask yourself if you are doing the best you can. Would you feel confident enough in this product, service, yourself to share it with your family, partner, spouse and child? Would you sell something that was inferior? (of course not!) 

Daniel Pink wrote a book called "To Sell is Human" and the premise of the book is that we are ALL selling everyday. Children are contantly selling their parents on what they want, (and they are relentless too!) We talk (sell) our partners, spouses, and friends into what we want on a daily basis, be it a restaurant, movie or activity. And when we are "selling" we are trying to get others to come around to our way of thinking because we believe (or should) that they will benefit in what we are offering. And we have always been able to sell (share) something when we are keen or excited about it. 

What you produce (be it a product or service) will benefit others and if it doesn't, and you aren't proud and excited to put your name on it and stand behind it, then maybe you want to rethink that product or service. Selling is sharing.

xo, jan

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