In my business, I want to make sure that I give my clients, customers as much value and service as I can. I am constantly thinking of how much they can benefit from this extra piece of advice, activity, or content. I think in family life this might be called hoovering, or helicopting, but I digress. What I'm trying to say is, maybe less is more.

The reason for this post is because I recently went on vacation to Mexico and at one of the restaurants, a great restaurant with great food, our waiter would not leave us alone. He was there to fill our water glass every time we took a sip, removing our plate before we put the fork down after our last bite, asking us constantly if we wanted anything. And much of this was during an especially moving and emotional conversation with a friend of ours. Dare I say it? It was too much service. It kind of ruined the experience for us.

I also have noticed that with one of the many groups I belong to, that they give me so much information and so many choices, I am simply overwhelmed and confused. I appreciate that they appreciate I paid for this and want to make sure I find it valuable. And their content is amazing, but I can't keep up! Right now there are at least five classes I can choose from, three different podcasts I can listen too with different subjects, and then their daily updates, newsletters, extra pages, and by the time I'm finsihed trying to get through all this in an effort to run my business better, I'm out of time to actually work on my business!! 

So less is more. I'm going ot try to focus more on giving simple, qualified quality content and not focus so much on filling the basket to overflowing, and maybe others will do the same. 

xo, jan

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