image by Li Yang

image by Li Yang

I don't know about you, but I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water!  There is just so much on my plate, and as much as I keep writing everything down, and checking off the lists, I feel like there is always more, (like laundry) and that there are things falling through the cracks.

How to overcome this feeling of overwhelm is the million dollar question, but if you feel this way too, join me as I try to be more productive by following these simple tips.

Keep your desk clean and tidy (My husband is going to laugh when he reads this blog because I really don't have a desk or rather I have several, most of them disguised as a kitchen + dining + counter top table - and all of them are a bit filled with clutter, but I'm trying to whittle down the piles.) 

Concentrate on one project at a time (Ok, this one is really, really really hard, but I'm going to try. I mean it this time.)

Set two or three times to read and answer your email (I can do this) 

Batch projects or tasks (I keep hearing this is valuable way to save time and be more efficient so defintiely worth a shot)

Schedule your social media (Ok, easier said than done but yes, ok, a social media calendar will be my one project tomorrow after I do 20 other things I've got going)

Give yourself something to look forward to (I can defintiely do this!)

Let me know how it works out for you!! I look forward to connecting on the other side of relaxation. 

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xo, jan


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