I captured this photo when I was in Cinque Terre, Italy. This scene speaks to me for several reasons and it struck me hard. At first it was just a cool photo. But as I studied it, I started to imagine more about these woman. And I took the liberty of believing they probably don’t care about social media, they probably don’t care about their style, and they probably don’t care what anyone thinks - they are doing their own thing, regradless. And that made me think, why can’t we be more that way?

This photo implies the women here are waiting - maybe for a train or other kind of transporatation? They aren’t. In this particular village of Cinque Terre at this particular place, there are no cars or trains. But what are they are they waiting for? More importantly, what are you waiting for? That’s the thing. We spend so much time waiting. waiting to take a trip, waiting for the perfect moment, waiting to do something we love, waiting to do something we fear. Don’t wait. Life is fleeting. The perfect moment will never come.

Send me a message and I will take you on your next adventure of creativity, art, retreats, and discovery. Don’t wait. A great big wonderful world is out there.

xo, jan

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