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I took off my jewelry and let go. All of it.  And if you know me, this is kind of a big deal. My jewelry is almost like my second skin.  I wear 16 bracelets, a cocktail ring, and my wedding rings all the time ………..along with seven necklaces that only come off when I get a massage. My jewelry kind of defines a part of who I am. There is energy and memories attached to every piece I wear. But this month I took it off and let go. At least while I am staying at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

The Esalen Institute is known for it’s inspired workshops but it also boasts spectacular views, kind and loving people, lush hiking trails, community environment and amazing hot tubs on a jagged cliff right next to the pounding surf. According to everyone I talked to who have been here, the hot tubs are a magical experience, but I was warned that the sulfur used to fill the hot tubs will ruin silver, platinum or gold. So I took it off. The jewelry that is. (The hot tubs are a clothing optional, but that is another story!) And in that moment of vulnerability and letting go, I knew I could tackle anything and access my most creative self, free from anything that was holding me back.   (The hot tubs are a clothing optional, but that is another story!) 

What I also took off and let go of this week is my preset notions and limiting beliefs that have held me back in my art making. I am here at Esalen Institute to take an art workshop with Nicolas Wilton and it has been incredible. I am learning so much and this comes from a willingness to take risks, make mistakes, listen, experiment and try things that feel foreign to me.

If you want to experience creativity and find that missing link, you’ve got to go beyond what you are accustomed to. You’ve got to try something new, do something creative that takes you out of the norm or your comfort zone. So go for it. Take it off, whatever it is holding you back! 

xo, jan

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