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Love hearing the back story of Laurie Anne and how she got started in art making and what influences her work! I think you will too! And look at that sweet little puppy! Oh my!

LaurieAnne Gonzalez

Who ART You?

How did you grow up? I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in a very artistic family. My mom is an artist and my dad and brothers are all very artistic as well. Art is something that was always valued and encouraged in my family. I remember my dad sometimes coming home from work with original local art that he would find these at small, eclectic shops that he would pass by on his commutes to work.

I became an artist because…… I always took art classes growing up but it wasn’t until high school that I realized I could go to college and study something I actually really loved to do! To me, it was the most natural decision.

What brought you to art? I have always been surrounded by art and artists. My mom started her own stationery company when I was 2 (Sweet Pea Designs) and it’s still going on today. I even worked with her for 4 years after of college. One of my grandmothers was an interior decorator and the most talented creative woman. She has always had beautiful art in her homes.

Describe your favorite art piece that you had trouble letting go. I am actually really good about holding on to my favorite paintings if I cant part with them. There is one painting I think about often and wish I hadn’t sold. It was titled “Power” and was of birds sitting on a power line.

If you could come back and live as any artist, (alive or dead) who would it be & why?  This is such a hard question. I would say, Monet and Picasso. Monet, because I would love to just experience his process in creating his massive lily pad paintings. Picasso, because I am so inspired by the variation of his work. He wasn’t afraid to change and evolve and I love that about his work.

Who, what influences your art? My art is largely influenced by nature and my travel experiences. Moving to the desert was such a fun shift in my art career. It filled me with so much new inspiration from the American western landscape!

What has art taught you? Art has taught me to appreciate the beauty that is all around me. 

Favorite/best resources as an artist? My artist community! Having other artist friends is so unbelievably valuable.

What becomes a magical instrument in your hands? Paint and paintbrushes.

What medium do you use? Why? Acrylic Paint. My studio is actually in my kitchen, so I prefer to work with safer materials. 

What is your favorite subject matter? At the moment, Landscapes. 

What are you still hoping to learn? I want to keep pushing myself and try things that do not come naturally to me. Right now that’s abstract art. 

When I think of art, I ………… I think of beauty and life.

 How do life, business, creativity and art intersect? For me they are everything. I eat, drink and sleep art and business these days! There isn’t a whole lot of separation at the moment but I think that is part of being an artist. Inspiration can hit at anytime and you have to be prepared to take advantage of those moments. At the same time, art is a very mental game and you have to be able to rest when you need it to keep things balanced.

A defining moment in my life was when……….. I had the opportunity to travel and live abroad in my early twenties. Travel has always been my greatest inspiration and something I prioritize. 

Best advice I ever got about art or being an artist was……..Just create, no matter what. Get all the ugly and bad work out and the good work will flow. 

Do you have a ritual or practice any creative activities before you make art? If so, what is it? I have to have my slow mornings with my pup and chai latte. After that, I’m usually ready to go!

Is there anything new you are planning to introduce in the future? I am working on larger paintings and am very excited about them!

Name: Laurie Anne Gonzalez
Website: www.laurieanneart.com
IG: @laurieanneart
FB: www.facebook.com/laurieanneart

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