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I first met Adele when she signed up for one of my past Mastermind workshops about 8 years ago. We became fast friends and I’ve been inspired by her ever since. Meet Adele Sypesteyn.

Adele Sypesteyn

Who ART You?

How did you grow up? I grew up in New Orleans in a very creative household. My mother was an artist and as a family we knew nothing else but support, encouragement, and interest in the arts. I went to school in a very liberal and art focused environment so really, I never thought about any other career than being a painter, sculptor, and photographer.

I became an artist because…… My passion took me there. Earning a living as an artist came about organically as I did paintings for my home and friends would come by and want me to do something for their house. Over the 40 years I have been working as an artist, my commitment to it has grown and expanded. 

What brought you to art? An early exposure to art and the fun and joy I got from creating something new was so exciting I just couldn’t stop. 

Describe your favorite art piece that you had trouble letting go. I do not have any trouble letting any piece of work go. Not even in the beginning. The intimate connection to each piece as I am working on it captures all my attention. Even after a full day of painting, when I go to sleep, I am so excited to wake up and run out to the studio and see it in a fresh light and continue on until it is resolved. Once that point comes and I feel comfortable with it’s completion, I am finished attaching myself to it. 

If you could come back and live as any artist, (alive or dead) who would it be & why? There are many interesting artist lives but I would not want to be any of them. I feel beyond grateful for my life as an artist.

Who, what influences your art? The worn, aged walls of New Orleans have totally captured my attention for my entire career. There is such a beautiful juxtaposition of interesting colors, shapes, and lines that I have been endlessly inspired by them. There is always something new that hides behind the obvious. The little surprises that pop out are what gives so much richness and depth to the constant inspiration. 

What has art taught you? Art has taught me to let go of perfection and just be happy to continually make progress. It has also taught me that profound joy can be had in just looking and observing the world.

Favorite/best resources as an artist? I enjoy following other artists on Instagram and I could browse Pinterest for hours. 

What becomes a magical instrument in your hands? My large antique calligraphy brush is my magical instrument. The brushstroke is like no other.

What medium do you use? Why? Acrylic is my medium of choice because I enjoy working in multiples and I like things to dry quickly as I have so many layers in my work.

What is your favorite subject matter? Abstract is what has been my lifelong subject matter, but I am starting to paint white flowers and I love that. It is something fairly new.

What are you still hoping to learn? Learning is like an addiction to me. Despite my decades of painting I still take at least two classes each year. And each and every time I learn something new. 

When I think of art, I ………….Swoon. 

How do life, business, creativity and art intersect? They are all related. Art and creativity have been my life. Learning about business was something new in the last seven years since I decided to pull out of all my gallery representation and sell on my own. The surprise to me was to see that the business side is super creative and I love it. 

A defining moment in my life was when………..There have been several defining moments in my long career. I think my first solo show transformed how I thought of myself as an artist. And, more recently, withdrawing from all gallery representation and showing and selling on my own. Although it was a major risk, it has shown me that anything is possible.

Best advice I ever got about art or being an artist was…….. Just show up and the inspiration will come. 

Do you have a ritual or practice any creative activities before you make art? If so, what is it? Yes, typically I go into my studio and look through the many books I have made that are filled with ideas about color combinations, line quality, patterns, etc. Every single time something will jump out at me saying “do this, try this”. And I am off to the races.

Is there a quote that inspires you or that you try to live your life by? Mostly I live by the concept of staying in the moment for that is where the joy is. Every day I try to just be kind, generous, and thoughtful of others. 

Is there anything new you are planning to introduce in the future? I must say that I am extremely excited to begin offering online classes this year along with a membership site that will offer exciting new things each month. 

Website: https://adelesypesteynstudio.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adelesypesteynstudio/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adelesypesteyn/
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/adelesypesteyn

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