Artist selling original art and inspiring others to discover, develop, & grow their entrepreneurial voice and creative spirit. 



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I like to view the abstract part of life through her art. Simple in its first impression, but complex when viewed in its entirety. 


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I help entrepreneurs develop and grow through coaching, individualized programs, and various forms of media such as my podcast and blog.


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Learn more about me and my work by reading interviews and seeing articles featuring my artwork or talents as a business expert. 


The ART and BUSINESS of Jan McCarthy

In art and business, I believe in blending the left and right brain to achieve the most comprehensive expression and everything I create from paintings and towers, brushes and books, workshops, gatherings and events is inspired by real life visuals. I am constantly deciphering and incorporating the abstract part of life in my work with the intent to evoke emotion, bring together community, unleash the imagination, stir thoughtful reflection and give way to images of something meaningful, often hidden in between the layers of mixed media, life and other materials.

Art and business go hand in hand so when I put on workshops, classes, retreats and events I often pair the two together because I love helping entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and other creatives move past a structured way of thinking, explore their hidden talents and curiosity through meaningful and fun interactive artistic sessions.

I was born into an entrepreneurial creative family and I grew up to marry an entrepreneur. We had two daughters who are now grown and are also entrepreneurs. This influences my art as does my obsession with traveling and adventure, creating community, hanging out with family and friends in thoughtful and interesting conversation over great food and drink in a fabulous location. I am lucky to embrace a dual lifestyle, splitting my time between an urban loft in downtown Los Angeles and my ranch in Boulder, CO and those diverse and abstract lifestyles filter their way into my art.



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