I can help you build your business, unleash your creative side, create your team and find your community.  Going it alone ends here.  Manifest your success and have fun in the process!


Mastermind Groups

Masterminds are a place for real conversations, about business... and life.  A place to have fun.  A place to stay curious and learn while you enjoy exquisite food and beverages.  A place to create things.  A place to figure out challenges in a structured, brainstorming environment.  A place to make real connections.  Not the kind where you measure your success by how many business cards you passed out, but to feel good because you made new friends that may last a lifetime.  A place that is safe and supportive, where your entrepreneurial voice is discovered, heard and developed...

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Business Coaching



I offer the expertise to help your ideas flourish in whatever capacity you may need.  I bring a vast array of experience, tools and resources to whatever your situation in order to help make your business dreams a reality.  We can structure the coaching process so that it works for you and allows you to get to where you need to be as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

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Jan has always loved art and after many years of appreciating and enjoying it from afar, she took up painting to share her love and help bring to view, the abstract part of life.

Each piece that she paints is inspired by real life visuals, infused with mulitple layers of varying materials to create texture and possibility.  Jan's signature style of intuitive painting includes rich colors to create a calm escape, thoughtful reflection, or explosion of ideas.  The art often tells the untold story of a single thought, simple in its first impression, yet complex when viewed in its entirety.

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