Artist selling original art and inspiring others to discover, develop, & grow their entrepreneurial voice and creative spirit. 



SHop + Gallery

Jan likes to view the abstract part of life through her art. Simple in its first impression, but complex when viewed in its entirety. 


 develop + Grow

Jan helps entrepreneurs develop and grow through coaching, individualized programs, and various forms of media such as her podcast and blog.


print + online

Learn more about Jan and her work by reading interviews and seeing articles featuring her artwork or talents as a business expert. 


As a multi-faceted creative and business-minded individual, I believe in blending the left and right brain to achieve the most, comprehensive result, and have taught many workshops, classes, retreats and events that pair art, business, creativity and pleasure together. That means whatever you do with me, it will be F.U.N., very creative, inspirational and instrumental in supporting your life, business or creative endeavors.

My mission is to support, inspire and empower entrepreneurs, artists, and curious individuals to find their creative and/or entrepreneurial voice by providing counsel, resources, community, education and instruction. (I'm like your best friend that really gets you!)

Part of my inspiration draws upon a family heritage of entrepreneurs and inventors, including a great-great grandmother who held the distinction of being the first woman doctor in the state of Georgia and valedictorian of her medical graduating class. Creating, building, designing, and inventing are all in my genalogy and it couldn't help but rub a little bit off on me. 

After being born into an entrepreneurial family, I grew up to marry an entrepreneur. We had two daughters who are now grown and are also entrepreneurs. When I am not creating something, I am traveling the world, reading good books, dining out, spending time with family and friends, and figuring out how to have a party that always includes interesting guests, great conversations, amazing food and drink in a great location. I am lucky to embrace a dual lifestyle, splitting my time between my loft in downtown Los Angeles, CA and my ranch in Boulder, CO


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