"Not a day goes by that I do not feel thankful, grateful and just plain great thanks to Jan McCarthy and her Mastermind group. Freelance writing is a rather solitary occupation, and knowing that Jan and my Agency group members are always out there as a trusted source of advice, motivation, inspiration or just plain company is something that I truly treasure. Being surrounded by Jan's wisdom, connections and stellar entrepreneurial spirit has made me a better writer and a more confident and productive professional. I recommend Jan's Mastermind groups with endless enthusiasm."
- Jo Abbie, Writer, Editor, Blogger

Jan McCarthy is my mentor and my friend. I have had the privilege to get to know and work with Jan for the last few years first through the CRAVE local women's business directory and then through her amazing Mastermind programs. Jan has a singular talent in being able to bring women together to learn, to create, and to support each other. She is extremely adept at connecting people, and those connections result in business breakthroughs and deep friendships. Her Mastermind sessions are always fun and creative too with art projects, gifts, wine, and food! For my own business, Jan has connected me with clients and strategic business partners. She has given me great advice to help grow my business and has listened and guided me compassionately when I have been frustrated. I would recommend Jan to any woman business owner who desires to approach her business in a creative and loving (and hard working) manner.
Angela Price

"I have absolutely loved being part of this year's Mastermind Agency Group.  The group is so bright and I learned something from each and every woman in our crew. I love the philosophy behind what you've created - it's such a valuable resource. It has been such an honor to be part of a group of such talented, generous women - you in particular!"
- S.O.

"I want to tell you that I have learned SO much from YOU and the other ladies.  The group has been super inspiring always!"
- D.K.

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my zebra print I bought from you in December! His little face inspires me every day!"  JKC

"Jan McCarthy has a wonderful ability to bring people together in a positive, uplifting, supportive way. Her Mastermind Agency has been instrumental in helping me to take new steps in the creation of my business, and to feel more confident about choices I’m making. I’ve been a member of her Mastermind Agency since 2014, and have benefitted very much from my participation in the group. My experience has been one of feeling listened to, supported, and accepted without judgment. This group is set at the vibration of fun and happy communication. It’s a safe space to ask for help with business problems and choices. Education and goals are included in every meeting. Jan has a lot of business experience and information, along with a fun positive upbeat attitude about what it is possible for each of us to achieve. I am grateful to her, and highly recommend her groups and coaching services. Thank you, Jan!”
-Kris Cahill

"Jan McCarthy is not only an inspiring entrepreneur and mentor, for me she provides a safe space.  Often as an entrepreneur I feel like it's difficult to create a safe space (physically and mentally) where I can relax, think clearly, and enjoy.   Jan's group meets all those needs.  Because I attend masterminds, I am a better woman, wife, boss, and leader.  She has the ability to select and connect high quality people - and being a member of that circle is an honor."
- Alissa Bell, Alissa Bell Press

"I have LOVED being a part of the agency and know that I would be no where close to were I am right now with my business without 1) your unbelievable coaching and wisdom and 2) the love, support and help of the agents. So THANK YOU hugely for all that you have done to create this group and personally support me over the last few years as I muddled through this entrepreneurial process, you truly are a guru!"

"I really cherish our friendship and consider you my biggest mentor in business, so you know that anything you are planning I will make every effort to attend. I look forward to all of the other fun experiences that you dream up in the future and thank you again for choosing me to be a part of this life changing Agency group."

"I received your sweet painting and absolutely love it!  You were and continue to be my inspiration to paint with abandon!" BR

About six years ago, when I first began to think about attempting to sell my art on my own, without the help of galleries, I knew I needed to take some business lessons. There was so much I needed to learn. Lucky for me that I found Jan McCarthy! I began with a weekend workshop she offered gave and it was exactly where I knew I needed to be. After that, I took everything she offered, including joining her monthly Mastermind for Entrepreneurs for the past five years. Needless to say, working with Jan helped grow my art into a thriving, successful business without compromising my creativity or values.  I learned everything I needed to know about my brand, marketing, business plans, goal setting, and so much more. It has been so helpful to have someone that I can discuss business strategy with, bounce ideas off of, find inspiration, as well as gain knowledge about best business practices. Jan McCarthy changed my life and I wouldn’t have the successful art career I have now without her guidance and support.  Adele Sypesteyn