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A one-day workshop designed to launch or accelerate your business. This is typically done one on one, face to face, and is customized to serve your business and address your needs. You will gain clarity as we identify your position, create your vision, and develop a comprehensive action plan including marketing strategies to carry forward. The workshop also includes defining your personal and business mission statement, creating your brand essence, crafting your elevator pitch, identifying your brand customer, building your support team and helping you explore multiple streams of revenue. We identify two major goals and put a plan in place to provide accountability and I provide you with the tools to accomplish those goals in just 30 days.

Together We Will:

  • Gain clarity as we identify your position
  • Create your vision
  • Develop a comprehensive plan including marketing strategies
  • Defining your personal and business mission statement 
  • Create brand essence
  • Craft your elevator pitch
  • Identify your brand customer
  • Build your support team 
  • Explore multiple streams of revenue

The cost of a one-day workshop is $500.  If three or more sign up together, I can offer this workshop for $375 per person.


If you want regular one to one coaching to keep you focused and accountable with your goals, I offer a 4-week coaching program that is renewable every month for just $297.

This includes:

  • An hour intro to define your position, set your goals or intentions and then for 4 weeks,
  • Two phone calls per week, for 4 weeks
  • A total of 45 minutes to discuss your progress, review your goals, and set new action steps for the following week.

Every MON for 4 weeks we will jump on a call for 30 minutes to look back at your progress and set some action steps moving forward. Also, every THU for 4 weeks we will chat for 15 minutes to review and check-in. If you are having a specific challenge or difficulty that goes beyond the scope of our weekly 45 minute calls, we can schedule up to two additional 15 minute calls or 4 email exchanges within the 4 week program to address solutions for obstacles or roadblocks you may be experiencing.

During the month, you will receive encouragement and inspirational tips to help you stay mindful on your business. This 4-week coaching program is renewable every month for just $297. 


If you prefer more of a gentle nudge and inspirational reminder, I have a DIY coaching program where I send out a daily reminder, suggesting action steps to keep you accountable and moving forward. This include inspirational tips to stay focused. The program is offered for just $27 per month.


LESSONS IN BUSINESS AND ART - YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOUR BRUSH! Watch for workshop schedule or private classes for individuals, groups, or corporate (team building) available.

(If you ever wanted to try a creative art workshop without pressure or required skills, but made you look like a pro, this is it!)

I say NEVER SETTLE FOR ORDINARY! And you don't have to in this "not your ordinary art class!" With MASTER THE ART OF BUSINESS, I pair two of my favorite topics together and help you become the boss of your brush! This fun and creative art/business class equips you with a brush in one hand and a refreshing drink in the other + a step by step guided workshop to help you master all the art techniques necessary to create a mixed media abstract ART MASTERPIECE that you love!  Intended to provoke creative and problem solving skills, thoughtful conversation amongst fellow creatives, relieve stress and overwhelm from life or work, provide a positive memorable experience, enhance your perceptions, heighten your senses, and allow you to unearth hidden abilities, talents, and skills, this workshop/class will help you develop a mindset that will foster growth and development for success.