Women and the Wild, Wild, West!

Meet me on the mountain in Colorado for a creative women's retreat


WHEN: JUL 30  from 4pm, - AUG 3 noon

WHERE:  @the luxurious 5 star Timbers Resort in Bachelor Gulch, CO (near Beaver Creek and Vail, and within walking distance of the Ritz Carlton Hotel & Spa). You will be pampered with twice daily maid service, chocolates on your pillow, and delicious meals served up every day. And while there will be plenty of time for relaxing by the pool by day and roasting marshmallows under the stars at night, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy Creative Business + Art Workshops, Journaling, Swimming, Hiking, indulgent and interesting Conversations, Paddleboarding, Dining, Storytelling, Circles, Shopping Excursions and more! 


4:00PM - 10:00PM: Welcome cocktail hour and dinner party

Sunday - Tuesday
7:00AM  -   9:00AM: Free time
9:00AM  -  10:00AM: Breakfast
10:00AM -  12:00PM: Workshop or Activity
12:00PM -   2:00 PM: Lunch
2:00PM  -   4:00PM: Workshop or Activity
5:00PM  -   7:00PM: Free Time
7:00PM  -   10:00PM: Dinner & Campfire

7:00AM -   9:00AM: Free Time
9:00AM -   10:00AM: Breakfast
10:00AM - 12:00PM: Free time to pack, retreat from retreat

WHO: Up to 6 Female creatives, free-lancers, or entrepreneurial spirits who enjoy the thought of hanging out with really cool girlfriends at a 5 star resort learning stuff, creating stuff & relaxing

Fly into DEN and take shuttle or rent a car to Timbers Bachelor Gulch or
Fly into Eagle and take shuttle or rent a car to Timbers Bachelor Gulch

There are 3 Rooms available in the Condominium. One room with two F/Q beds, and Two Rooms, each with a K bed.   

$997 per person based on double occupancy (meaning you will be sharing a room) 1 room, 2 F/Q beds | each person has their own bed in a shared room | private bath

$797 per person based on sharing a king size bed - 2 rooms, 2 women per room, each room has a King sized bed, perfect for friends who already know each other | private bath in each room

HOW MANY: 6 fabulous women

A renewed positive, refreshed attitude
A deeper bond with other participants
A creative piece of art
Newfound knowledge about yourself, business and life that is applicable to everything you are doing
A full tummy, a happy heart, an inspired purpose, an engaged mind, and maybe a few aha moments to direct your course

All meals included. 

Very limited space for a select group of women, so apply today!

Retreat Application

All Participants must apply before their reservation can be confirmed.

Once you are approved, you will be given a passcode to make payment and secure your reservation.

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